Marcia Ella-Duncan is an Aboriginal woman from La Perouse, Sydney, with traditional connection to the Walbunga people on the NSW Far South Coast, and kinship connection to the Bidigal, the traditional owners of the Botany Bay area. Marcia has recently established herself as a consultant after over 30 years in Aboriginal affairs in a wide range of sectors.

Marcia has built extensive networks across an impressive array of industries, organisations and communities and has collaborated with professionals in organizational development, sport, social services, research, sport, social justice and facilitation. She has the capability to assemble teams with a breadth of skills and experience to tailor projects to client needs, drawing on:

  • Expert and experienced consultation and engagement strategy design
  • Experienced and sensitive group facilitation
  • In depth understanding of Aboriginal community concerns
  • Experience in government processes, policies and programs
  • Cultural safety and diversity and inclusion expertise
  • Aboriginal recruitment and employment specialists
  • Combined theoretical processes with cultural insight